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Swiss+Tech Utili-Key XT 8-1



The Utili-Key® XT 8-in-1 is the smallest and most compact multi-use tool ever developed. This precision crafted 8-in-1 micro multi-functional tool makes minor repairs, installations and hundreds of jobs an easy undertaking. The patented design tool has a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a micro-sized screwdriver, wire cutter, wire stripper, bottle opener and for personal care emergencies, a nail file and nail cleaner!

The patented, engineered design securely snaps the Utili-Key® XT 8-in-1 onto any standard key ring and weighing in at only 0.5 oz the Utili-Key® XT 8-in-1 easily fits into any pocket or bag, to go where you go. The quick-release feature unlocks the Utili-Key® to put it to work on minor repairs, assemblies, installations and hundreds of jobs. Manufactured of solid stainless steel, the Utili-Key® XT 8-in-1 is ideal for indoor or outdoor activities and emergency situations at home or on the road.

  1. Flat Screwdriver
  2. Phillips Screwdriver
  3. Micro-Sized Screwdriver
  4. Nail File
  5. Nail Cleaner
  6. Wire Cutter
  7. Wire Stripper
  8. Bottle Opener



  • Product Size: 2 ¾” x ¾” x 1/8” Folded
  • Product Weight: 0.5 oz.
  • Patent No. 6,112,352 and D405,953
  • Model Number(s): UKBXSS-XT, UKTWSS-XT
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