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Breath of Life Emergency Escape Mask



- Empowers escape from danger to safety when threatened by smoke, dust, terrorist attack or natural disaster (wildfires, tornados and earthquakes)
- Provides real protection from hazardous airborne particulate matter, including smoke, dust, biological toxins and chemical agents
- Is lightweight, highly portable and easily accessible in case of emergency
- Fits easily over the head, including beards or glasses, and closes tightly around the neck, protecting the head, face and eyes. One size fits all.
- Can save lives in case of an emergency by providing the vital time needed to escape.

Full Specifications

The hood of the Breath of Life mask is made from transparent 5-layered laminate and is resistant to penetration of particles, acids, alkalis, gases & microorganisms.

The filter is composed of four different layers.

First and Fourth Layers
Made from viscose strengthened by polyester fibers 150 gr/sq. m. Contains 0.3% Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) as an antiseptic that neutralizes bacteria that may enter through the filter. The first layer acts as a pre-filter against large particles.

Second Layer
A second layer filters particles of 0.3 microns or more, tested for air permeability by the Frazier Air Permeability Method, - 55cfm/sf at 0.5 in. water Gauge.

Third Layer
A third layer is made of Polyester non-woven material, thickness: 1.2 mm, containing active charcoal in a concentration of 114 gr. out of a total of 200 gr. Sq/m. - 57% intended to reject air pollution and gas flow, both in dynamic or static conditions. Active charcoal is described as follows in professional literature: • activated charcoal are used as purifying and decolorizing agents, for the removal of residual gases in low pressure apparatus, and in respirators as a protection against toxic gases.

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