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Leatherman Wingman


Multi-tool with pliers and scissors. Despite its wide range of accessories, this multi-tool is relatively compact and is comfortable to carry in your hand or in your pocket. Its half-serrated blade can be used safely thanks to its locking system. The Wingman is very similar to the Leatherman Sidekick model. This multi-tool has scissors instead of a saw. The Wingman also features a handy tool for opening packages.

Full Specifications

- No. of tools: 14
- Overall length (closed): 9.7 cm.
- Blade length: 6.6 cm.
- Weight: 198 grams

Built-in accessories

- Spring-action needlenose pliers
- Spring-action regular pliers
- Spring-action wire-cutters
- Half-serrated blade
- Package opener
- Wood / metal file
- Scissors
- Small screwdriver
- Medium screwdriver
- Philips screwdriver
- Ruler
- Tin opener
- Wire stripper
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